Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thinking Pink

You should count your blessings today.  This post is going to make your realize just how happy you are that I haven't blogged much about my pregnancy.  You should also be thankful that this picture that I took of my feet does not feature the great, big, giant swollen ones that have been showing up from time to time.  It. is. not. pretty.

We are in the home stretch and it seems I blocked out just how miserable these last days of pregnancy are.  And, because I'm me, there are some fun extras that are making it that much more fun.  I know from experience that I won't be pregnant forever.  I also know from experience that wishing for the baby to hurry up and come is a double edged sword.  I DISTINCTLY remember the complete state of crazy that comes along with a new baby.  I'm skeered.  How am I going to exist in the thick newborn fog while caring for another child??  It has to be possible because I know lots of people who've done it.  Most people with kids, in fact.  Somehow, though, it seems beyond me.  

I saw this quote on another blog I read today.  I laughed hard.  Out loud.  Good thing I didn't have any drink in my mouth or it would've come out my nose.  And, now that I've totally built it up to be more than it is...

"Yesterday morning, a repairman came out, tried a few things, and announced that the motherboard on our washer seems to be fried.  I'd like to be more upset, but I know exactly how she feels."

Big Mama-what a hoot!

So, hang on to your hats kids.  Sometime between now and Thanksgiving, I will be the mother of two.  And you can be sure much bloggy fruit shall pour forth.

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jon. said...

yay! Bring on the fruit!