Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday-Library Box

It's that time again! Whew. Time is flying and tip day just keeps showing up before I'm ready! Good thing there are tons more tips over at We Are That Family. Go check them out!

Another no-brainer today. I don't mean to insult your intelligence, it's just that I'm currently running short on brain power, and I do get proud when I find any ol' thing that works for me!

I've mentioned no less than 867 times that I love the library. Turns out Drew loves the library, too. Once he was able to grasp the concept of checking out books and then taking them back, we were money. I currently owe $6.90 in late fees. This may seem like a lot to you, but I'm just really thankful it's not more. And, I'm thankful for the self check-out set-up where I can check out my books without the shame of the librarian asking me if I'd like to pay my fine!

Library books migrate all over my house. We read at meal times, we read in my room, we read in the car. It's hard to keep all the books corralled. So, I've instated the library box. This is in the spirit of everything having a place to be put away. On Drew's bookshelf is a box that houses all the library books. So, when cleaning up and putting books away, the library ones are all together. It makes it super easy to round them up when their due date comes. It also reminds Drew to treat the books extra gently. No library books in the bed and be careful when you turn the pages!

I wonder how high your late fees can get before they cut you off???

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jon. said...

Just wait until amnesty day when you can trade canned goods for your late fee. :)