Monday, December 7, 2009

2 months old!

I just must say that I cannot take credit for the above photos. A couple of weeks ago, we had a family photo shoot with my friend Kristin. She completely outdid herself and I will now commence spending us into the poor house buying photos to cover my walls with.

Last week, Emily had her two month check-up. Much of the appointment was dominated by her continuing digestive issues, but we also did all the normal check-up things.

So, Em, at two months:

*You weigh 10 lbs. on the nose. You are 22 inches long. You are growing, but you are still a little peanut compared to your brother!

*You smile all the time! Especially at yours truly and your brother. Twice you have spontaneously started giggling, which is cute, but also, honestly, a little weird. However, just a few days ago, you laughed AT me! It was probably the best sound ever! And now, I act like a total moron trying to get you to do it again!

*The formula has, so far, worked wonders for you. You eat more at a time, sleep better, and have not had any hard crying jags in the evenings. In fact, last night you went to sleep on your own in your bed. You still fight sleep like none other, but you are learning to soothe yourself. And, now I'm sure tonight will be a complete train wreck since I posted this!!

*You are very alert during your awake times and you love playing with your taggie blanket.

Just a few more weeks until that "magic" 3 month mark. I am living in full anticipation of the fog lifting. Each day feels a *little* more normal. Daniel and I will celebrate the anniversary of our first date in a few weeks. And, if I can take a moment to be a sap, I am overwhelmed at the life the Lord has gifted us with. As you know from my stories, our life is crazy, dirty, and hard at times, but it is real. And I love it.

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