Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Spectacular

When we moved here 4 1/2 years ago, I was excited about all the special events that happen in a big(ger) city. Around October of that first year here, I started seeing commercials for the Radio City Christmas Show, playing at the Grand Ol' Opry. I begged Big Dan to take me. "The Rockettes!!" I pleaded. To which he said, "Yeah, the Rockettes. That's why we're not going." How could anyone NOT want to see the Rockettes. It was mind boggling. Every year I bring it up again and every year it gets a little laugh. I had kind of forgotten that I wanted to go, what with all the baby fog hanging around.

Then my birthday came. And Big Dan gave me a hilarious letter letting me know that I had "will call" tickets to the Radio City Christmas Show waiting for me on December 23rd!!!!!!!!!!!! He also let me know that he made arrangements for my sister to go with me because he was afraid "his bad attitude would ruin the experience." Ha! Also included in the fun birthday package was dinner out for the two of us. The heavens opened and a light shone down on me in that moment. Katy and I actually get to see each other a lot. I'm SO thankful she's here. But our time usually consists of passing around babies, handing out snacks, refereeing playtime and trying to sort out the kid issue of the day. There is rarely time to sit and talk-about whatever we want. I couldn't wait.

The evening did not disappoint. Katy lives in a very cool part of town, so I made her be in charge of figuring out a place to eat (I'm bossy that way.) She, because she's awesome, sent me an email with several choices, complete with links to each restaurant's website. Niiiice! I chose the Eastland Cafe. And it was, well, spectacular. I'm thinking this should become "our" place, me and Kate. Of course, we won't be able to frequent it much as it's on the pricey side, but I'm sure we can find all manner of occasions to go. The meal was delicious. And leisurely. And delicious. We both cleaned our plates as we talked over all of life's intricacies. And then...dessert. We were stuffed, but it was an occasion that called out for dessert. So we ordered (prepare yourselves) blueberry beignets. Did you get that???? BLUEBERRY BEIGNETS for crying out loud! A beignet is pretty much a perfect food all on its' own, but with blueberries? Lying on a bed of white chocolate?? Whoever had this idea is my hero. A culinary genius. I tried to get a picture of the beauties, but because my photog skills are seriously lacking, they just looked like gray lumps on a plate. And I just couldn't do that to the beignets. It just wouldn't be fair.

After our fabulous dinner we scooted over to the Grand Ol' Opry along with the rest of the southeastern population! It was crowded. And we had to park far away. I tried to sass it up by wearing my high heeled boots. Like most of my fashion choices, this one was a whammy. Too far to walk in a pair of streetwalker boots!

I didn't know much about the show going into it. All I knew is that the Rockettes were going to be there. THE ROCKETTES! And they were there. And they were fabulous. I couldn't get enough. What I could get enough of was the in between "vignettes". The Santa Clause and weird dancers in obnoxious sweaters-it was all a bit much. And, please, no offense if you or someone you love had a part in making this show. The people around me loved it. It just seemed like an SNL skit to me. I fully expected Will Ferrel to be sporting that sweater and giving it the jazz hand treatment. Or for Justin Timberlake to pop out and say, "Give it on for Christmas-ville."

And there were little people in the show. And I don't mean kids. I mean those who are not average height. I have to tell you it was uncomfortable. In the "Little People Big World" era that we live in, it seemed kind of wrong. (My hands are sweating just writing about it!) There was a palpable tension when they appeared on the stage, like no one really knew how to feel about it. Please, let it stop, and bring back The Rockettes!

The show ended with a grand nativity scene. I was not prepared for this either. Don't get me wrong. I love the Baby Jesus. I celebrate the reason for the season, but I have to say it was an odd transition. And very reminiscent of our childhood church's Easter pageant. During the narration, any time the Baby Jesus was mentioned someone in the audience would give it a big "Wooooo!" Only in the south does the Baby Jesus get a big redneck "Woo!"

So, in summation:

More leisurely, kid-free dinners. Less lame photography.

More nights out with my sister. Less sassy boots.

More Rockettes. Less cheesy show.

More Baby Jesus. Less redneck "Woo-ing".

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