Friday, December 4, 2009


...we're done.

Breast feeding that is. The saga of my daughter's stomach pain continued to escalate, culminating in a diaper that tested positive for blood. Her dipes were consistently disgusting and her pain continued. Her poor pediatrician called me LOTS of times and I'm pretty sure once he was on his way out of town with his family for Thanksgiving.

I took her in for her two month check-up and we discussed our options. (More on her check-up later...) After lots of discussion and thought and prayer, I decided to start her on Nutramigen formula. It is both lactose free and hypoallergenic. Because I was already on the grandaddy of elimination diets, this seemed the best option. I pumped for a few days to make sure she would take the formula and do ok with it. Yesterday, though, there was SUCH a difference in her after eating formula and breast feeding-she was miserable wreck any time she drank breast milk. I decided I would not be doing that to her anymore.

So. I told my inner lactation nazi to bite me and promptly poured some breast milk down the sink just for effect.

There is always a chance that in a couple of weeks she could start doing poorly on this formula, but clearly breast milk is not the answer. It is so nice to watch her eat peacefully and not writhe around and struggle. Cross all your fingers and toes and hope this is the answer!

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