Thursday, March 25, 2010

The List

When Drew first laid eyes on Buzz Lightyear is was obsession at first sight. First sight was provided by Uncle Sam, my "little" brother. Back when Toy Story first came out, Uncle Sam was a little guy and LOVED it. So, he got copies of both movies for Drew and Lyla since they didn't have them. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Until Buzz, Drew was never a kid to beg for toys in the store. Sometimes it seemed like he didn't even realize he could ask for toys. But all of that has changed now. Every day Big Dan and I are presented with a very thorough argument on why Drew needs a Buzz like Weston's in addition to the one he already has. It has something to do with a specific button you push. Apparently, his is all wrong. Who knew?

So what am I saying? Well, frankly, Drew has become greedy. Big Dan and I are partly to blame. Both of us LOVE to give presents. And we love for someone to LOVE what we give them. So, we kind of made it a habit of just randomly buying little things for Drew. We've created a monster. I've talked to him about it over and over. We've discussed God's feelings about being greedy. We've talked all about the children around the world with no toys. (Remember the bucket??) We try to teach him to be thankful. However, he still insists on talking about whatever it is he wants at that moment.

And so, I invented "the list". Now, anytime he says, "Hey Mommy, I really need to get Hamm and Dino (aka: Rex) so I can play Toy Story 2" I say, "Ok, buddy, we'll put them on the list." And like magic, he is done talking about it! He has no idea that there is no actual list. Or that said list is very vague-especially in the sense of when the objects might make their way here. He believes that if it is on "the list", he will have it. Fine. Because I figure most things that go on "the list" he'll forget about-just like he would if I got it for him! And the things he doesn't forget about maybe should be on a real list. It's the best idea I've had in months.

"The list". A close cousin of "my tab." You know, as in "Just put that on my tab!"

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