Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break! Woo!

I always feel like I should scream "Spring Break" like a college kid on MTV. Otherwise, it's just anti-climatic.

I think it's HIGH-larious that my 3 year old gets a "Spring Break" from his two days a week at preschool. It's especially funny given the amount of snow days he's had. I won't get into how Big Dan and I feel about paying for a bunch of school that's not happening.

There is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to much ground to cover from our week. I'm going to do you a favor and spare you the long, rambling narrative about our many adventures. You're welcome. I'd also like to say that I got exactly zero pictures of the whole week. I traveled alone with a 3 year old and a 5 month old. The fact that we're all alive should be enough.

So, here is my Spring Break list. The highlights, just for you.

1. We started and ended our Spring Break with birthday parties! Happy Birthday Wade and Etta! Highlight of Wade's party-Emily (not to brag) was a crack-up. She laughed the whole night. Girl loves a party. Well, Emily and the AWESOME decorations Katy and I made. =) Highlight of Etta's party-Etta decked out in her Fancy Nancy dress and necklaces. She worked the party dress. Oh yes, she did.

2. We did a lot of driving. The kids were awesome. Drew wins the big brother prize for entertaining AND feeding Emily when need be.

3. Hands-On museum in Johnson City. We added a little day trip to our Knoxville trip to visit Grandad for his birthday. Kristin and the kids came along and we had a blast at the Hands-On museum, and the sandwich shop in Jonesborough. Neither could out do the Lollipop Shop, though. If I had a picture here it would be of Weston and Drew, holding Grandad's hands, giant lollipops in the other hand, walking down the street of historic Jonesboro.

4. The sun came out!!!!!!!!!!

5. On Friday we had a meet up with the Mom's club at the Y to swim in their indoor pool. Since I could check Emily into the nursery, Drew and I had a little quality time. He was a big fan. The best part for me was leaving the Y in my shorts and flip flops (yeah, I wore shorts. Scary, but oh so fun!). It kind of tricked my mind into thinking it was summer.

And as a beautiful grand finale...Emily slept through the night!!!!!!!

Spring Break! Wooooooo!!!!

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jon. said...

when coop was little he would call it "springer" break. cause you know -jerry springer - which was both humorous and a little sad to hear it from a 5 year old!