Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Sleep Training Saga 3

And, yes, I had to look back to see which chapter of the saga we are on.

Well. We are fresh off our Spring Break 2010 road trip to K-town for Wade's first birthday!! I cannot believe he is a year old. Seriously. We had a great (albeit FRANTIC) trip. More on that some other time.

For today, I just wanted to let you know that we are MAKING PROGRESS!!!!!!! First, I just have to say that I might be the only mom on planet Earth who is thrilled with the time change!! My children (yes, both) have been getting up at 6 a.m. everyday. 6 a.m. is dangerously close to the 5's and we all know I don't get up in the 5's. With the time change, 6 a.m. is now 7 a.m.! (Needless to say, traveling to a different time zone on time change weekend was like the biggest word problem ever. My meager math skills were put to the test. Especially when I set my watch to military time and couldn't get it fixed back!!)

Last night, or rather, really early this morning (4:30) Emily woke up. I went in her room and she was all out of her swaddle and he sleep positioner was at her feet. Not really doing it's job, by the way. I don't know what came over me, but I just stuck her paci in her mouth and walked out. I went back to bed sure I was going to be getting up again in five minutes. When I rolled over and looked at the clock it was TWO HOURS later! Do you understand what this means??? She went back to sleep without being swaddled!!!!!!! Naturally, I panicked and went to check on her just to be sure. At 6:50 I was wide awake in my bed wondering when either of my children would be getting up. I thought, for about a nano second, about getting up and getting a jump on the day. Instead, I laid in bed and did nothing.

So, at nap time today, I got crazy and put her down for her morning nap with no swaddle. I gave her a lovey and her paci and left the room. I did not hear a peep out of her for the next hour and a half. YESSSSSSSSS! This afternoon she is having a little bit more of a hard time, but she is snuggling her lovey and working to go back to sleep.

I know some of you seasoned moms are shaking your heads, knowing full well this might never happen again. I know, I know. But a mama's got to celebrate whenever and whatever she can. So, I'm partying, baby. You know, really quietly, so I don't wake anyone up!

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