Wednesday, July 7, 2010

9 Months

It is time for the 9 month update and it's going to be such a fun one!

Emily, at 9 months-

*You are officially a crawler! You are still rather content to just sit around, but it is starting to dawn on you that you can follow me around. It is really fun to watch you explore. And, I am getting a refresher course on baby proofing. The dog is especially enjoying the spoils of your crumbs as you try to crawl holding a cracker!

*You weigh 19 lbs and are right in the middle of all growth charts. I expected you to have gained more weight. I'm used to a big bruiser baby!

*You like to wave! Typically you do this a little late-like after someone has walked away. My favorite is when I come to get you out of bed and you wave to me. Best. Ever.

*You babble a little bit. You mostly like to blow raspberries with your tongue. Your brother is more than happy to join in with you. You make the sounds "mama" and "dada" but you definitely won't do either of them on command. You like to laugh at me when I try to get you to say them.

*You are super into "giving love". You will lay your head on my shoulder and make a sound like "awwww"! Again, Best. Ever.

*You have two signs. "All done" and "more". A lot of times you get these mixed up and you try to use the all done sign for both. Sometimes though, there is no doubt that you are ALL DONE.

*You are starting to have definite feelings about things. You do not like it when I take contraband away from you. You cry when I take trash out of your hands or pennies out of your mouth. Trust me. You'll thank me one day! You are starting to have a little stranger/separation anxiety.

*You finally have a tooth!! It has been no fun for you to grow it, but I sure was glad to see it finally pop through. It looks like the next one isn't far behind.

*You are eating tons of finger food and have all but shunned baby food. And by shunned I mean you grab at the bowl and spoon relentlessly and I pretty much can't deal. So, I guess, technically, I'M shunning baby food! You have lots of things that you can eat now, and you are a great eater.

*The best news to come out of this month is that we finally got you off the hypo-allergenic formula!! You are now on soy formula and saving mommy and daddy a pretty penny. And less money coming out of your wedding fund, according to daddy.

Em, you are growing so fast. Your personality is starting to really show and you are so joyful. You make my life really fun. I love to see you smile and laugh. We love you, Emily!!


Paula said...

She is adorable Kelly!! Children are such a joy!! I would say you are going to have a mountain of stories this fall...can't wait to hear them!

Lana said...

Ok, so can I just tell you that I'm a TOTAL basket case and this post just made me cry??? She's just so precious and Roman and I LURVE spending time with the three of if we could just get our husbands to slow down long enough.......