Monday, July 26, 2010

Watch Out For Us

Boy. Yesterday I was in a mood. I have no idea where it came from, but my patience and ability to deal was around zero. And it was the Lord's Day. I felt certain that after church (which equals Big Dan and I getting a few minutes to be together alone) I would be feeling better. But noooooooooo. And then my super mood spread like a thick ooze over the rest of the household. This is not the image of "mother" I'm really striving for...

Today, I decided I was going to better. In case you were wondering I spend quite a bit of time giving myself little pep talks. Mostly internal, although I have a very bad habit of talking to myself out loud in the grocery store. I'm pretty sure I have a reputation at my local Kroger.


I wanted to sit down with Drew first thing this morning and have a little prayer time to get things going on the right foot for both of us. (I do not tell you this to sound like a pious mother. Please. I just admitted that I was a total bi-otch yesterday) When I told him my idea, he was excited. We sat down to pray and he said, "I have a blessing to say mom." Before I tell you what he said (and believe me, it's worth the wait) I need to give a little background. Drew has been having a hard time with thinking potty words are funny. We are working hard to teach him that the standards we have are God's standards not just arbitrary standards. So, I've been using a bible verse to remind him that saying "BOOTY" and dying laughing is not a good idea. I taught him Eph. 4:29 "Do not let any unwholesome words come out of your mouth..."

So. Today, during our morning prayers he says, "Dear Dod, Sometimes we say unwholesome words, and I think it's because maybe we didn't get enough sleep. And when me and Mommy don't get good sleep we are grouches and have unwholesome words. Please watch out for us."

I'd say watch out!!! Good word, son, good word.

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