Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things I Like About Summer

I am making this list because I am (still) working on my attitude. Because, ya'll? This heat?? Over. it. I swear I was excited today that it might not break into the nineties because I knew that I might not sweat my hind end off (if only...) inside my house tonight. Only a tiny bit of sweat tonight. And I could actually put Emily in regular pajamas. And I can't stop thinking about all the things I don't like about summer-super stinky trash (outside), dog hair all over my house and baby, flies, mosquitoes. SWEAT.

Ok. Enough with the whining. Onto the list.

Things I like about summer:

1. It is socially acceptable for my baby to be barefoot almost all the time. Which is so nice, because it is beyond annoying to put her shoes back on her feet 14 times in one outing.

2. I don't have to really work at drinking enough water.

3. If I take my kids swimming it means we can skip bath time.

4. Fresh produce. I know I mock myself for my love of junk food. Because, I mean, it is a problem. BUT, I also love vegetables. Pretty much all of them except for the few I've always been afraid to try. And when I can buy them super fresh at the farm stand down the road? Even better. Even if they do give my son a red sucker, which sort of defeats the purpose...

5. I love that it stays light later. I don't feel like my day is over by 5:30 p.m.

6. I like watching my son eat a popsicle outside with the juice dripping all down his arms.

7. I like watching my son wash his arms off in the Elmo sprinkler.

8. I love both of my kids' hair when it is all sweaty.

9. I love that I don't have to argue with Drew to wear a coat/hat/gloves

10. The days are ours to do with what we want. Not for long. And I'm trying so hard not to wish the summer away. Just please, for the love, temperature, take a tiny 10 degree downslide. Please? For me?

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