Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have no creative title for this post, and it should be a foreshadowing for the content to follow. Not exciting. Just a little life and times update, and *perhaps* a way for me to clear a little brain space. Oh, and, I've been waiting for Emily to fall asleep for 30 minutes so I could do a little quiet time. Nothing like a shrill baby to drive away the Holy Spirit. I kid, I kid.

Last weekend I was able to get away for THREE WHOLE DAYS with some great friends. A few years ago we all got together to "celebrate" the fact that we were all turning a certain age that comes after 29. Well, except for one of us who is way younger. It is definitely paying off these days! After the first get together we decided to make it an annual thing.

I was probably the most slothful I have been in approximately 18 months. I have not slept or laid around as much since Big Dan and I went on vacation back in January '09. Eighteen months of perpetual motion catches up with a person. Especially ones like me who need approximately 12 hours of sleep a night just to keep the grouchies at bay. I'm a blast to live with these days.

Anyway, we hung out at the lake, read magazines, discussed which celebrities we hate-including a very fun hypothetical game called "who would be more miserable to hang out with", answered hypothetical questions, played games, and ate lots of yummy food. We had so much fresh produce I almost called Big Dan to let him know I would be moving next door to Bill Love just so I could steal veggies from his garden. We also laughed our ever-lovin' heads off over stuff that, even if I was willing to tell you, you would have no idea why it was funny. All I'm saying is that somewhere out there exists some very corny video footage. It was just what the doctor ordered.

By all accounts my children epitomized perfection while I was gone. I would be skeptical if this report came only from their grandmother, but my husband concurred, and ya'll, he's got some high standards. I was so happy. And I was certain that all of my "dealing with a 3 year old" fatigue would melt away and Drew and I would spin around singing "Happy Together" as soon as I was home. Right. Turns out he had just been saving up all of his DEVIL IMPERSONATIONS until I got home. Can someone please tell me-WHAT IS THAT????? Truly, I've tried not to be insecure about it. Heaven knows us moms don't need any extra reasons to doubt our abilities. But, it is a *little* disheartening to know he can behave like a champ, but around me just chooses not to. I'm giving serious thought to opening a little boot camp right here in my home.

In other news, by tomorrow I will have completed what I have termed "preliminary" tasks for starting school. This included copious amounts of paperwork, meetings to get an intro to curriculum and classroom environmental standards and other such educational items that don't exist in children's ministry, and getting my keys. I have also participated in two social events where I barely knew anyone. I'll pause while you clap and pat me on the back...My goal was to have those things done by August, and well, I'm early! Hooray! I took the kids to the school one day last week to try out working with them there. Let's just say I've had more fun at the doctor. The girl doctor. Looks like some weekend work is in my very near future.

Alrighty. T-minus 45 minutes of wishing for Emily to take a nap. Don't worry. She hasn't been crying that long. Just jabbering, and most importantly NOT SLEEPING. Heaven help us.

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