Friday, June 13, 2008

18 months!!! The Stats

Today we had Drew's 18 month check-up. It went great!! He's healthy as a horse and almost as big as one!! :) He is 28.8 lbs and 34.5 inches. And, never fear. His head is still quite enormous!! Both his head size and height are in the 95th percentile.

We talked about the weird fever thing he has going on. (For those of you who might not know, Drew has had three rounds of spiking a really high fever with no other symptoms. It has happened about every 6 weeks.) He said, "I don't have anything smart to say about this." I thought that was hilarious!! At least he's honest! So, I will be keeping a journal on these fevers, if they happen again. If it continues over the next 2-3 months we'll talk again. He did say that Drew may just be the kind of kid who gets a fever instead of a runny nose, etc.

He also spent some time "talking" and interacting with Drew and thinks he is doing great. He said the fact that he works so hard to communicate and has such good receptive language skills are a great sign. He seems to think the articulation will come. The goal is for strangers to be able to understand 50% of what he says by age two. I'm really hoping for a big "speech spurt" sometime soon!

I must say, I am really enjoying this age soooooooo much! The kids and I have such a good time, and while we all drop into bed around the same time each night, I wouldn't trade these times for ANYTHING!!

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