Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Long Right Back

Drew and I are back from our travels! (Well, we've actually been back since Monday, but I've been regrouping!) Turns out we both had a great vacation!!! I am still amazed at how well Drew did. Despite Grammy's protests to the contrary, I know he wasn't perfect, but he didn't totally flip out. Not even once. For me the trip was EXACTLY what I needed. In truth it is exactly what every mother needs, but most don't ever get the chance. I am more than thankful that I was able to take this trip, and so blessed to have so many people who helped take care of Drew. THANK YOU!!!

When I got back from the trip and went in the door at Kristin's, Drew came around the corner and froze in his tracks. He was in total shock. Quite hilarious. Once he realized what was happening he promptly asked me to put him up on the counter (this is a trick that Big Dan started that makes me nuts!!) Next he started saying, "Right back!" He started repeating this a couple of months ago. For a while just my leaving the room would make him howl, so I started telling him I would be right back. He repeats it sort of like this: "Riiiiiight back". He was sooo sweet to me that night-hugging and kissing me. I really expected that he would totally melt down when we got home, but so far he continues to be a hoot!

I must say I'm pretty proud of him. When I think about how brave he was, I kind of get a little choked up. Ah, the push and pull of letting go...

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