Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Banner Day!

Saturday was Drew's first day without his paci!!! I warned him all week that on Saturday he was going to have to leave his paci in his bed. I was really nervous about how it would go. But, I told him he was a big boy and paci had to stay in his bed. He was mildly disgusted, but left it in there.

As a reward, I took him to the toy store! We had a blast. He was so good to play gently with the toys and to not touch the things he shouldn't. After we played for a while, he picked out a puzzle as a big boy prize (with a little coaxing from me, since he needed a new puzzle! Ha!) He carried it all the way up to the counter and held it up to the cashier. It was too cute! I also bought a tin penny whistle to use during music time with the kids. He LOVES it. Be sure that when you see him, he'll play you a little tune!

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