Monday, June 2, 2008

An Elephant Never Forgets...

...and apparently neither does Drew!! I really think we would all be amazed at just exactly what all he remembers if he could tell us with more than just grunts and gestures!!

Here are a few things that he has "mentioned" that have caught me off guard. Anytime we drive by Toys R Us, he points and says "baseball" (which happens to be one of his most understandable words...) because Toys R Us is where we bought his t-ball set. Of course anytime we go through the drive through at McDonald's he squawks like a chicken-how dare we go to McDonald's and not get chicken nuggets?? I think he will never, ever forget that Grandad plays the guitar. We talk about every time we go up or down the stairs and he sees the guitar. He remembers that we got his balloon at a restaurant-he points to it and says, "bite bites". And today, the most hilarious/amazing of all--I have been listening to an Alicia Keys CD (thanks to Uncle Sam-who owes me a fun, summer pop playlist by the way!!). I'm particularly fond of one song that has this in it's chorus-->"No on, no one, no o-o-one..." Drew has learned to hold his finger up to say "one". Today we got in the car and he was pointing up front, grunting and holding up one finger, saying "Bobba" (how he says momma!) I finally got what he was saying. I said, "Do you want to hear Momma's song that says one in it??" He said, "Yeah". When I turned the song on he started laughing and patting his legs!!! I laughed all the way to the bank. (Literally)

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