Monday, June 9, 2008

Double Grrrr...

The title of this blog WAS going to be "Why I Love Summer." And it WAS going to contain pictures of beautiful produce at the Farmer's Market, Drew playing in the fountains downtown and Drew and Daniel having lunch together. Well. Not so much.

Friday I had the big plan that we would go downtown to the Farmer's Market. I love veggies and fruit in the summer, and I really like to buy them from Farmers from around here, when I can. There is also a "splashground" at Bicentennial Park which is walking distance from the Farmer's Market. I thought it would be so much fun for Drew since the weather is so stinkin' hot. Last, I made sure Daniel kept lunch free so we could all have lunch together. Almost none of this plan happened.

First, for some reason the produce at the Farmer's Market was not at all inspiring. And I kept seeing vendors with things like pineapple, which, call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure they didn't grow it on their farm in Cheatham County!! I didn't buy one single thing. And, as a side note, in case you go to the Farmer's Market looking for the advertised "artisans" you might be shocked to find booth after booth of knock-off purses and off-beat t-shirts.

Second, the "splashground" was UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!! Poor Drew was drenched in mixture of sweat and sunscreen and the place was bone dry. As we were walking down the path towards the area I said, "Look, Drew!! There's a big fountain with water!" Yeah, it was a mirage. It was actually a big fountain covered in construction grade plastic, blowing gracefully in the wind.

We did manage to sneak in lunch with Dan. However, I (once again) left Drew's lunch box at home. I have some weird mental block that prevents me from actually putting the packed lunch box in the car. The Farmer's Market food court is home to gyros, po'boys, meat & 3 and asian food. Not a chicken nugget in sight. Needless to say, it wasn't a great time. Drew was much more interested in playing with the construction cone (yes, the food court was under construction-why not??) than eating lunch.

For the final act, Drew slept for 20 minutes in the car and that was all the nap he took that day. I demand a re-do!!

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