Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Big Slides and Bear Hugs

We had such a fun day today! Sometime in the last few days the weather has gone from warm to blazing hot, so all of my plans about being outside all the time have had to be paired down quite a bit. Today I took the kids to a little playground nearby. This is a recent find. Well, I've known it was there for a while, but just took Drew for the first time last Friday (I always do a dry run of new places with just Drew, making sure I can handle both kids there). This place is great for a couple of reasons. First, it is very rarely ever crowded, which makes me feel better about keeping my eyes on them. Second, there is a huge play structure, but they can both navigate the whole thing on their own. Which means I avoid the awkward "mommy on the play equipment" moments. And what's not to love about a big plastic slide so staticky (it's a word-I looked it up!) that it makes your hair stand up?!

Lyla went down the slide about 782 times, at least. Drew kept getting hung up by his crocs (ugh-a flaw in the crocs!) but he had a great time just climbing around. I pushed them on the swings forever, and now they are big enough that I can REALLY push them. They were both belly laughing!

When we got home, Drew was in a grumpy mood and was whining around and crying. Lyla kept going over and giving him big hugs. So sweet. They were super into each other today. If one was in one room, and one the other, they would be concerned about the other one. The sweetest moment was on the playground. Drew was climbing around on the structure and Lyla was over by the swings. She kind of got upset saying, "Dew, Dew". Drew popped his little head through the opening on one of the slides and said, "Hi". Lyla got a big grin on her face and went running over to him. Awwwwww.

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