Friday, June 27, 2008

The Swimming Hole

I took Drew swimming in our neighborhood pool for the first time Wednesday. I know what you're thinking. It's the end of June and the pool's been open for 2 months, so why am I just now taking him to the pool? As a mom you work within the confines of a simple equation: Is the fun to be had going to be more than the time and effort put into the preparation for the fun? To be quite honest, I have had my doubts about whether it was going to be worth it for Drew and I to get our suits on, getting greased up, loading up the wagon and walking down the hill (and therefore, back up the hill!) I could just imagine him refusing to get in the pool, possibly making a big scene.

So what happened on Wednesday? It was about 150 degrees outside and I could not imagine going for our normal afternoon walk without both of us smothering. So, I figured that the amount of energy I would expend getting us ready coupled with hauling nearly thirty pounds in a wagon would suffice for a workout, even if we didn't do any actual swimming.

It turns out Drew loved the pool!! He was not afraid at all and by the end of our swimming time, he was "jumping" off the side to me. This is not so much jumping as it is kind of lunging toward me! There were also some older kids there bobbing around. At one point, they were going under and popping right back up. Drew was dying laughing! They would pop up and he would say, "Boo". Yesterday when we went back, he practiced putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles. This was more like kind of getting his face near the water and blowing raspberries, but he did stick his face all the way in the water a couple of times. He also does a great job kicking his feet while floating in his Spiderman swim ring.

As a little bonus, I had some M&Ms in my pool bag leftover from my girls trip. I wish you could have seen him LOVING the M&Ms all the way to the pool and back.

Here is a picture of him with his swim ring. Hopefully Dan and I will get to the pool together soon so I can get some action shots.

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