Monday, June 9, 2008

Leapin' Lemurs!!

Today was Drew's first trip to the zoo! Katy and I have a little informal play group that includes the two of us, Katy's sister-in-law, Laura and another friend, Tracy. Laura and Tracy both live very north of here and so, I suggested we meet somewhere in the middle so they wouldn't have to empty their savings account to pay for gas to come down here. We decided to meet at the zoo!!

We had a really great time. The Nashville zoo isn't spectacular, but when you're 18 months old, any animal in real life is awesome (this was exhibited today when the kids watched some regular old geese swim in the pond for about 15 minutes-the longest they looked at any animals!!) We saw Gibbons monkeys swinging in the trees, meerkats scampering around, zebras, elands, tigers, lemurs, alligators, elephants, baby camels. goats, and some birds. We ended the day eating lunch in the zoo cafe with fruit punch in an elephant shaped bottle.

Depsite it being about 250 degrees outside, it was really fun. It did make me really anxious to visit the Knoxville Zoo, which is about a zillion times better!! (Katy and I give all the credit to Matt Hinkin and "New at the Zoo") We also all had a good laugh over the fact that all pictures of kids at the zoo are of the backs of their heads. Hope you enjoy the pics. You'll have to imagine the big, goofy grins on their faces!!

All the kids checking out the zebras:

Drew & Lyla hoping the goats will come out of the shade & play:

Drew & the baby camels:

Drew & the Elephants

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