Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

On Monday I had one of those awful mom moments-one of those where you realize your child's unfortunate behavior is a direct result of ...YOU. Yep. I've created a monster. Grandad was here for Father's Day and Drew had a great time hanging out with him playing the guitar, etc. At one point Drew was trying to get past Grandad, and went over and pushed on his legs and said, "Move!" Ugh!! I was so embarrassed. How can such a little guy be so rude??? Luckily, Grandad thought it was more funny than rude (I think...) I started thinking about why he would be saying that all the time. He tells me to "move" about 10 times a day. I thought, "I guess it's the only way he can tell me what he wants, so that's what he does." And then...the moment.

We were standing in the laundry room and I needed to get into the dryer and I said, "Drew buddy, move." I stopped dead in my tracks. He is telling people to move all the time because I TELL HIM TO MOVE ALL THE TIME. Ugh. I feel awful! No wonder the kid is rude, his mom is rude!! You'll be happy to know that I've been working on saying a very polite, "Excuse me" when he is under foot.

Later that day I was in the playroom putting some stuff up on the wall. I grabbed one of the little chairs to stand in (because in case you haven't noticed, I don't have much "reach"!) Wouldn't you know that immediately Drew went over to get a chair and stood right up in it. How can I tell him not to stand in chairs when I do it right in front of him??!! He's a little mimic-I'm going to have to become a MUCH better person. Ha!

Speaking of Monkeys...

We went to Monkeys Treehouse yesterday (our local indoor play place). It has been fun taking the kids there over the last several months because it shows me how much they change, and how fast. Every time we go they are more and more able to do more. Drew and Lyla are super into the fake food in the grocery store, along with the grocery carts. My personal fave in the fake food section is the little pasta box labeled "Al Dente's Pasta" Ha! Drew also discovered the magnetic fishing set. He was pretty amazed that the fish would actually stick to the little ball on the end of the string.

This month they are having "Monkey Camp" at Monkeys Treehouse. This means parents can drop off their kids. Like most day camps, this has set up a sort of "Lord of the Flies" moment at the play place. These kids have been there everyday for who knows how many weeks, and clearly think they own the place. They run around in packs and complain about the "babies" being in their space. Luckily, I avoided the urge to grab them up by the collar and lecture them. I might have been writing this blog from a jail cell!

Drew and I are headed out of town today. I'm going on my annual girls' trip, and he is staying with Aunt Kristin and Grammy. I'm sure I'll have lots to fill you in on once we're back!!

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