Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let's Have a Picnic

I had to pull some new tricks out of my bag today. Poor Drew has another weird fever and was definitely not feeling up to snuff today. His grouchy mood was catching, and soon I had two really frustrated toddlers on my hands. So, I decided we would have a picnic in the front yard. On the menu: Cheese sandwiches-cut into heart shapes (no applause, please), snap pea crisps, grapes and milk. It was pretty much a hit. I even packed it all up in a little basket and let them pull it out while they sat on a blanket. We ate our lunch, chatted with the neighbors and waved to the mailman. It was just what we needed to get things back on track.

Here are some pics from our first ever picnic:

Unpacking the basket

Cheese! (literally...)

We hate to eat and run...

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