Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Friend is always oiled...

...or something like that! You may know that Daniel and I have been working in a 4 year old Sunday School class for the last year. We have been "buddies" to our little pal, Caleb, a 4 year old with autism. We had a great year with Caleb, and he is doing so well now that he really doesn't need one-on-one help in the classroom. His mother asked if we might be willing to just be the classroom teachers in his room, and I was excited about the possibility. Today was my first day with the new class and it was hilarious. It has been a long while since I have been the teacher in a classroom. I was a tad rusty, but managed to keep the chaos to a minimum. Our bible story today was about David and Jonathan and how Jonathan shared with David. Our bible verse went something like this, "A friend is always loyal." Except that Luke (who has quite a booming voice) kept saying, "A friend is always oiled!" Phew, it was funny!! And, of course, I started thinking about exactly what that would mean. I started thinking about body builders being all greased up and it made me laugh even harder. I sure hope he went home and told his parents our verse for the day.

Also during story time, one little girl let everyone know that she had on "Tinkerbell panties". And, yes, she used the "p" word!! (Panties, that is!) This led to an onslaught of skirt pulling up and shorts pulling down along with a discussion of the various characters on the underwear. What a nightmare! My first day teaching and some kid goes home and tells their parents that so and so had on Scooby Doo underwear! And, as a grand finale, during a group bathroom break (which was a horrible idea considering we had no male teachers today-Daniel was at home with Drew-and I sent 7 four year old boys in the bathroom alone...) the kids were standing up against a window and two of them got bitten by some random biting fly!! Are you kidding me? I saw the bug and it was clearly not a bee. What kind of flies bite? Horseflies? Why is there a horsefly in the church? Why did it have to bite the MOST dramatic kid in the history of the world?

It was super fun to find my coordinator to let her know that all the kids had shown their "panties" and two kids were bitten by a mysterious fly. I'm sure she is definitely questioning her choice to let me teach!

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