Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

I'm unsure as to the origin of this saying (although I did half-heartedly look around for it...) but I'm pretty sure it was not a mom of toddlers who coined the phrase. This saying is used, basically, as another way of saying, "It's no big deal..." OBVIOUSLY the person who started saying this has never cleaned up dried milk from the floor/car/carpet/toys. It most definitely is a big deal. If I had to name the most disgusting substance in my current life it would be milk. This might seem odd since I deal in poop diapers all day. But, honestly, at least the poop is contained. The milk, on the other hand is EVERYWHERE. I realize this post is basically admitting I do not always get to the milk before it dries. There. Now you know. There is random dried, sticky milk all over my house. And my car.

I really thought I was starting to get a handle on what I refer to as "The Milk Situation." As the kids graduated to actual sippy cups, rather than the straw variety, things started to improve. There were two problems with the straw cups. First, they leaked horribly despite their claims to be "leak free". (This is, by the way, one of the many myths associated with baby/toddler gear. NO cup is "leak-free") Second, my sister Katy thought it would be hilarious to teach Drew that by flicking his straw he could send milk flying everywhere! Somehow, though, I am still stalked by milk. Both kids have figured out if they push the tip of their cup down on the table, milk will come flooding out. Apparently it's really fun to finger paint in spilled milk. Which is especially annoying in Drew's case since he almost refuses to paint with actual finger paint. Lyla also decided to make a little milk soup at lunchtime the other day. Doesn't milk, turkey, cheese and green beans all swirled around together sound delish?

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