Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Sweet and the Bitter

In case we haven't told you lately, and you are a part of our family that lives in another city...WE MISS YOU!! This weekend Kristin, Travis, and Weston came down for a visit. Since Travis had some work to do in Nashville on Friday, they were able to stay Thursday-Saturday. It was the best! We had so much fun taking the kids to see Uncle Sam's new place at MTSU, going to the Discovery center, having a cook-out and playing at Opry Mills. Of course, not every moment is picturesque. Like how we totally hijacked Uncle Jon's day, causing him to drive all over Nashville. Or how Drew had to be carried by Dad throughout the expanse of Opry MIlls. Or how the driver of the little train was (we're pretty sure) drunk or high. Or how the cost of the train has gone up from $2 to $5-a person!! I'm really learning to embrace ALL of these moments and love them all equally. It's hard because the great moments are so much easier to love-like when Lyla and Weston tipped over the basketball goal, were sitting on it with Weston behind Lyla and his arms around her. So sweet. Or watching all the kids play in my front yard. Or sitting on the couch rubbing my sister's back-like old times (minus the timer! Ha!) Every single thing (the good, the bad, the hilarious) from the weekend went in to my memory bank. I was so sad when they left, but already started looking forward to the next time we would make more memories. I feel that way about you all. The bitter of your distance is always lurking around, but the sweet of all our times together folds in on me and makes me so excited to see you again!

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