Friday, August 22, 2008

Green Man Envy

Kids are so weird sometimes. My kid, especially. And I mean that in the nicest of ways! Ha! Several months ago this "Slow down" structure appeared across the street from our house. It's one of those about the size of a kid, and is neon green. We were never sure who put it in the road-they were obviously really upset by the approximately 3 cars that drive into our cul-de-sac in a day. Apparently they were driving WAY too fast. Daniel and I laughed about the odd placement of the little plastic guy. But Drew, he LOVES the green man! Anytime we would go outside, in those early green man days, Drew would want to go across the street and see him. It turned into a little field trip for he and Daddy.

Two days ago another neighbor came by to say that she had rescued another green man from the trash and wondered if we could use it. And, while we don't really need it for its' intended purpose, I couldn't wait to tell Drew he was getting his very own green man! It was great bribery to get through dinner, and then we walked together up the sidewalk to rescue our green man. I so wish you could have seen the look on his face!!! He was ecstatic! We carried him out to the deck and Drew drug him all around. He even shared some of his popsicle with him! The next day we had him up front, in the garage. When it was time to hop in the car and run some errands, Drew gave green man about six hugs before he would get in the car. It's amazing what thrills the soul of a 20 month old little boy.

I was happy about the acquisition of our own green man because I thought we would be done with the green man across the street. But, oh no! One green man is not enough. Drew is on a mission to gather all the world's green men to himself. Yesterday we were playing outside, and Drew darted across the street three times! I was working really hard to get the point across that he should NEVER run into the street, or go into the street, and he just didn't care. The lure of the green man was too much! Finally, after some good old fashioned "encouragement" I sent him inside and I picked up the toys. When I came inside, he had put himself in time out!!! Maybe I am getting through after all!

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