Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Summer Cold...blech

I really shouldn't even complain. It has been months since we've dealt with any sickness (well, other than Drew's last weird fever episode.) But, I should've seen it coming when Drew started sneezing a few days ago. We all have colds (and by all I mean, Drew, Lyla and myself.) I don't why I am so offended by a cold in the summertime. It just seems so wrong. In the winter, when you get a cold, you can snuggle in the bed with a heating pad, some Vicks and a bowl of soup (or cup of hot chocolate...I'll let you guess what I would choose.) But, who, in the middle of August finds any of those things appealing? A summer cold is only compounded by the stifling humidity outside. Breathing is pretty much out, so you'd better think of some other way of getting oxygen to your blood. Nobody wants to pile on the couch and snuggle when you all break a sweat.

I'm especially sad about this cold as it has come at a really bad time (because colds usually show up at really convenient times...) I was planning to take the kids to a mommy and me music/dance class tomorrow. FOR FREE. One of the many benefits of my joining the local mom's club. I am just sure Lyla will love this class (and quite sure Drew will hate all but the last five minutes when he finally relaxes enough to enjoy it and then cries because he doesn't want to leave.) I'm trying to decide if I wipe their noses really, really good right before we go in, if we can fake it for 45 minutes, thusly infecting all the other unsuspecting moms and toddlers with a heinous summer cold. I'm awesome.

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