Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My first born son is three years old.

I am a month late in writing this post. I have just felt so overwhelmed thinking about what to say. I am so thankful for this silly blog, that has helped capture so many great memories. Sometimes it feels a little self-indulgent to come here and babble on, but as I look back, I am thrilled that I have it all in writing.

Three is big. Three is no longer a baby.

Drew is an amazing kid. And, yes, this whole post will be bragging about him. If you hate when a mom brags on her kid, you might want to jump ship now.

This year has been all about growing up. There are so many things we had to push forward on-giving up the paci, potty training, getting a big bed, starting play school. Drew became a big brother, having to share the parents whose undivided attention he enjoyed for three years. He went from barely talking to saying hilarious, "grown-uppy" things everyday.

Drew is still the sensitive little boy he's always been, but he is learning so much about courage and knowing that God is there to help him. He is amazingly able to express how he's feeling. Sometimes he will say, "I just need to cry for a little while", or "I'm going to be shy to them." He is kind and polite at school and LOVES to learn. This is so fun for the teacher in me! We have such a fun time doing "projects" and I laugh every time he comes to me and says, "Can we do a project, mommy?" He loves, loves art. He prefers a blank page to a coloring book and he now draws a face with eyes, nose, mouth and usually "cheeks" and hair!! He is learning to cut and sort of just "got" how to use scissors one day.

He is easily frustrated and we say all the time "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again." No idea where he would get the idea that you have to be awesome at everything the first time out. (Tongue firmly planted in cheek)

Currently, Toy Story is the major craze. His days are spent jumping off various pieces of furniture shouting, "To infinity and beyond!" Any time I come into the room where he is he shouts "Who goes there??" and pushes some button on his pretend arm band.

He is all about a routine. At bedtime he loves laying in bed and talking with Daddy. Recently this time started including playing with the Ipod touch. It is amazing how adept he is at using it and how easily he says things like, "We got a new App"! When I tuck him in, we sing our Noah song. I've been trying to get him to pick a new song, but Noah it is. We also sing "Bushel and a Peck", a song my Mamaw sang to me.

Lately, he asks for me to hold him all the time. No easy feat considering he weighs in at 36+ pounds! But every time I want to say no, I think about how soon it will be that I can't hold him anymore, or that he won't ask. So I'm holding him as much as I can.

Having Drew turn three has been hard for me, I won't lie. And when Katy brought up the fact that Weston will be 4 in mere months I had to reach for the Mylanta.

This boy of mine, who is so much like me. And so much like Big Dan. I love him like none other. What's that quote about your heart walking around outside your body? My sentiments exactly.

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Suburban Turmoil said...

Fantastic photos! Congratulations on 3! He is such a cutie. My son will be three in March and I'm alternately looking forward to it and dreading it. My baby!