Thursday, January 28, 2010


I hope you sang the title of this post.

Big Dan and I joined the Y. In case you didn't know, there is a YMCA within walking distance of my house. I can assure you that no one is walking there given that at any time, on any day, the parking lot is overflowing.

They built the Y not long after we moved here almost completing my little circle of bliss. I'm still waiting on a Chik-Fil-A. When it opened they had an open house. I went and have been asking to join ever since. I don't know what got into him, but Big Dan mentioned one night that we should, and the next night, we did.

There is nothing like free childcare to motivate a mom to get on the treadmill. I was nervous. I had just read another blog post about being a "newbie" at the gym, and while I was pretty sure I wasn't going to fall off the treadmill, I couldn't be sure. It is me we're talking about. Believe it or not I have a long gym history. Before I was married and then even after I was married I belonged to a "ladies only" gym where I could step aerobic to my heart's content. I LOVE step aerobics. I know they sort of stink of the 80s but I can't help it. When we first moved here I joined another ladies only gym, but they were too cool for the step aerobics, so I spent a lot of time on the treadmill. Well, there and in the sauna. And the hot tub. Look, it was during my "retirement" period. I had some time to kill...

Turns out I remembered how to use the treadmill and this one had a t.v. screen attached to it. Oh technology how I love you!! How else would it be possible to jog and watch Paula Deen put 4 lbs. of butter into whatever deliciousness she was cooking up that day? My body might be jogging, but my heart is with the butter! I also went to a step class. Turns out the Y is not too cool for the step and I'm so happy about it. I must say my teacher was a little crabby. She was not exactly the shape of someone you would expect to teach step aerobics, WHICH IS FINE, but hopping off the step to take little breaks does not exactly inspire confidence. And, if you're going to only do the routine halfway, don't scoff at me when it takes me a little while to get your fancy "knee-up, turn on the step, down, up, over" move ok? It's been 4 years and 2 babies ago. Cut me some slack.

There were some high school girls who showed up late to the class. I know they were in high school based on their clothing and their side ponytails. Shouldn't someone tell them that they did not think up the side ponytail, that the 80s thought it up? Of course, the side ponytail was a nice addition to the step aerobics. These girls stood outside the door gawking at all of us moms heaving around. I'm pretty sure they were laughing. Until they came in and tried to actually do the routine. They lasted 10 minutes. Ha! Take that side ponytail brigade!

I must say one of the highlights of my working out has been my long neglected "workout" playlist. I'm not exactly sure when I put it together. Maybe two years ago when I was "training" for the 5K. The great thing about neglecting a playlist for so long is that you forget what's on it. Imagine my delight as I jogged along and "Ice, Ice, Baby" started playing. It was all I could do not to bust a rhyme of my own. Don't be scared. I didn't.

I've had some good workouts and I'm not even counting walking 5 miles to the car with the baby carrier. Hopefully some gym time will help with that pesky weight loss resolution. If not I'm sure it will make for some good stories!

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