Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Three Months Old

Emily Elizabeth is 3 months old!! She seems so much older than she did even a month ago. (Which, I realize I failed to do a two month picture and post. December really ate my lunch. You'll notice there are still no pics from Drew's party or a 3 year post for him. Ah, well.) It seems that we have most of her issues managed well for now. With a couple of near misses, we have been able to keep her on the Alimentum formula and have not had to go to the formula that costs so much we might have had to sell my car. So, that's good news!

Emily, at three months:

*You have the best personality! You have such easy smiles and laughs. You LOVE to talk (uh oh!) and will sit with Daddy or me and babble for long stretches.

*You still can't eat very much at a time, which means you are still getting up to eat in the middle of the night. I've made peace with it. Ha! Other than being awake at all hours, it's not so bad. Usually you eat and go right back to sleep. Unless you're in the mood to talk...

*Sometimes in the morning you have a hard time resettling, so I snuggle you in bed with me to squeeze in an extra hour or so. You are a super snuggle bug! You always fall right to sleep.

*You still LOVE your taggie blanket and have added a baby doll to your list of favorites. Grammy got it for you for Christmas and you love to chew on it. Santa got you a baby, too, but you prefer this one. I think it's the ponytails.

*Drew is your favorite person. You will watch him all around the room and smile and laugh at him more than anyone else.

*My first funny story about you concerns your gift of gab! A few nights ago, we were all sitting at the dinner table and you were in your bouncy seat on the floor next to Daddy. Any time Daddy would turn away to eat his dinner you would make a really loud sound. When he would turn back to you, you would smile and start talking again!! You wanted his undivided attention. I told him to look out!

Things are getting back to normal! Well, you know, as normal as they ever are around here!! Momma's feeling like a human again and is excited to watch you grow! We love you!

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