Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Come on, snow!!

Drew has been dying for it to snow. He was convinced you could not have Christmas without snow. The last time it snowed he was just a little guy (barely 1) and doesn't remember it. He has seen the video of himself face planting in it. He thinks it's hilarious.

So, today, we had a "bring on the snow" play date. Drew and two of his BFFs (Lyla and Etta) made snow crowns, did snow dances (Lyla's was very specifically a "ballerina snow dance"), and made snow flake crafts. And I'm so awesome I forgot to take one picture. Dang it.

Tonight we had Drew wear his pajamas inside out. He posed in his pjs and snow crown.

We also took a spoon up to put under his pillow.

It was fun. It was whimsical. Something a little out of the ordinary. And then my Type A, slightly anal retentive son panicked about the spoon under his pillow. He couldn't handle it and wanted it removed. Immediately. I told him, "No big deal. Just take it out." As I was leaving the room (with the spoon) he said, "Are you going to put that back in the drawer?" Sigh. So much for the whimsy!

You would never believe the frenzy that's been whipped up around here over the forecast for 1.1 inches of snow. People joke about it-even around here. And then they line up 10 deep at the grocery store for the basics. For an inch of snow. The local news has been running ominous ads about their "forecast at 6". Snowbird is on high alert. Northerners and midwesterners scoff at us. As well they should. But, look, we gotta take what we can get. This may be our only chance to rush around in anticipation of the "snow storm".

Of course, I haven't packed Drew's lunch or prepared his backpack for play school, which pretty much guarantees no snow and a regular school day.

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