Friday, January 8, 2010

You Say You Want a Resolution

Today is Show Us Your Life day over at Kelly's Korner. I've never participated before because no one really wants to see my house on a regular basis! Ha! But I'm excited to write down some of my goals for the year, and thought it would be fun to read some other people's, too.

I'll be honest. I'm not great at keeping resolutions. I'm SUPER good at making them. Not so much on the follow through. It's a theme in my life. So, this year, I'm making some "keep-able" resolutions. Ones that are not earth shattering or super life changing, but do-able. I won't be resolving to this or that "everyday" because, you can bet your bottom dollar there is not much about my life that is "routine.' Ok. Here goes.

*Lose weight. Big shocker that this one is on here. I've been working on this since I was 15. I'm what you would call a classic "yo-yo" dieter. Which, it turns out is not good for a person. Cardiac disease and all that. I'm thinking of asking Dr. Oz which is worse-yo-yoing and sometimes being a healthy weight, or just being consistently overweight. What if he said it would be healthier to just be consistently overweight?? It would be a revelation!! Or, you know I could just lose the weight and keep it off. Whatever.

*Work on my style. Those of you who know me are snickering. I can hear you. I know, I know. Look, I'm fully aware that "style" is not exactly a big gift of mine. I have a picture of my 10 year old self in a sleeveless shirt and jamz to prove it. I wish I could blame my lack of style on being a mom of two littles, but the truth is the root is much deeper than that. So, I'm going to work on it. 1)Wear more dresses-this is a total "gimme" because in 2009 I wore approximately 2 dresses and they were maternity. So. I'm hoping I can do better than two. I'm shopping for dresses that are cute and also comfortable. They have to be versatile. I do a lot of weird things in a day. 2)Wear more lipstick. I think I had this conversation with a friend, about how we always forget to wear lipstick. This is also a "gimme". I never remember to put it on, even when I put on a full face of make-up. Which, you know, is rare. In fact, the other day I came in from some time out by myself and Big Dan said, "What's wrong with your lips?" Yeah. I had on lipstick. This is a true story. He had no idea about my new lip ambition.

If I put "read more books" here that would just be wrong. I LOVE to read. It's my number one favorite thing to do (besides eating Reese's cups. See above.) So, I'm going to try to expand my reading horizons this year. First, I asked Big Dan about his favorite book. I'll be reading it. I am also going to read a book that was assigned reading in high school that I didn't like. I want to see if it being "required" is why I didn't like it. I haven't decided on which one yet. I also have a whole long list of other books I'd like to read this year. It's long. Not sure how I'm going to get all this reading in...

One of the hardest things for me about becoming a mom is the lack of time to sit and contemplate. See, I'm a contemplative in the "spiritual pathways" line of thinking. I like to have loads of time to sit and ruminate on scripture and ideas. I'll let you guess how much ruminating is going on these days. And, because I'm bratty, I've pretty much done a horrible job in finding new ways to spend time with the Lord. So I haven't been. Well-off and on. I'm trying to get into some sort of consistent routine. Again, consistency is not exactly going around here. I am working on a reading the Bible through in a year with the writer of this blog. It is a reading program that goes through scripture chronologically. I love this. In fact, several years ago I told my friend Greg he should put together a Bible like this. His bad. He could be a kajillionaire by now. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with it. I'm enjoying the comments on the blog, reading what others have to say. I'm also looking into a couple of books designed for moms. I hate that I have to look in the "mom genre" of devotional books, but alas, they nail it every time. Maybe one day in the future I can go back to reading something that takes longer than 5 minutes to read!

I also have such a desire to get back to serving in some way. When I mentioned this to Big Dan he just looked at me. Not because he doesn't want me to serve, but he is rather familiar with my tendency to over commit. And then complain. It's endearing, really. I do feel like there's a stirring there, though, so I'm just praying about it. We'll see what God has up his sleeve.

House and Home
Oh law. I forgot to put this in the first time around. Hmmm. Sounds a little Freudian to me. Anyway, I'm never satisfied with the state of my house or the job I'm doing as its' manager. It mocks me on a regular basis. I know Big Dan is reading this, hoping against hope, that "do more ironing" is going to be on my list of resolutions. I just can't set myself up to fail like that.

*Cook one new dish for dinner each week. We are "rut eaters" as I've mentioned before. Big Dan could eat the same thing for 15 days in a row. In fact, we were talking last week and he said, "If I were famous and had a personal chef, I'd be the easiest client ever. Meat. Potatoes. Beer. Done." But, because I love him, I'm trying to increase his non-potato veggie intake. So, I guess inadvertently, one of Big Dan's resolutions is "Try one new meal a week". You're welcome, honey.

*I have a really bad habit of pulling pages out of magazines containing recipes or decorating ideas I'd like to try. Yesterday I threw out about 754 of said pages, and none of the ideas/recipes ever made it to fruition. So, I resolve to post these tear outs on my fridge for one week. If the content does not materialize into my real life, the page goes into the recycling.

So. There it is. Some things I'm going to try to do better at this year. And in case you were worried you might not know how I'm doing with all of this, never fear!! I'll keep you posted.

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