Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Dog

This is my dog, Barney.

And this... his destiny.

Because of the giant hole in the fence, Barney has been spending his days indoors. And before you feel all sad for him, please note that when he doesn't have to be inside, he begs to come in all day. Somehow he knows he's trapped though. Any time I let him out to do his business, he walks down the steps of the deck and then looks back-to see if I'm watching! He walks slowly through the yard, and kind of starts to trot, and takes one last look back. And then I shout at him and he turns around and comes back.

Oh the adventure that awaits outside that fence. Or so I thought. Until he got out this morning and promptly took a poo in the neighbor's yard. "Really?", I thought as I trudged over to the pile in my robe. (Are you concerned about how often I'm out in the yard in my robe? You should be.) All this time, I thought he needed freedom to run and frolick. Turns out he just needed a change of scenery for poo time.

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