Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This and That

Phew. Well, it turns out keeping all these resolutions keeps me really busy. What, with all the cooking, and cleaning out of the laundry room, and the lipstick wearing, I have had no time for blogging. I know it's been hard wiping away all those tears you have from missing my posts. I'm deeply sorry.

I have several things to comment on. No surprise there, I'm sure.

First up, I saw on the news a few mornings ago that a guy invented what he is calling the "sarc mark." This is a little symbol you can put in emails, on facebook, etc., denoting when you have used sarcasm. Really? Is it really THAT big of a struggle to discern when someone is being sarcastic? Maybe I'm just gifted in the fine art of sarcasm, but I think that for $1.99 you'll be getting ripped off. (It costs $1.99 to download the "sarc mark" to your computer). And, also, my posts would be practically unreadable if I had to use the "sarc mark" every time I was being sarcastic. Not that I'm sarcastic much...(insert sarc mark.)

Second, I get to watch approximately zero t.v. in the evenings these days. Which is fine, because I don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything fabulous. I mean, who cares when "So You Think You Can Dance" is not on. But, last week Facebook lit up like a candle with everybody saying something about Pants on the Ground. Wha?! I had no idea what it was all about, so, naturally, I googled it. And I must say, I'm a big fan. I hope teachers every where are walking up behind students with saggy pants and singing this song!

Third, Big Dan, the kids and I made a mad dash for Knoxville on Saturday so we could go to the game (UT basketball game that is). My sister, Kristin, kept the kids. I bow to her and kiss her feet. We had such a great time being together. Last year was the first UT basketball game I had ever been to and it was one to remember! I saw some great sights again this year, including a man wearing a hat with a Power T on it that blinked. Off and on. Like electric lights. Spectacular. Not to be outdone was the 50+ woman behind me wearing orange leather pants. She also had a sporty pair of orange leather gloves.

It was just what the Big Orange doctor ordered. Vol fever has been running a little low around here lately. You know, with all the criminal activity from the athletes and being Hollywooded by He Who Shall Not Be Named (never trust a man from L.A. -just sayin') I really needed to get some spirit. The game was great-we won in overtime by 2! And they introduced the new football coach at the game. Can I just say I wanted to scoop up his little kids and squeeze them??

Big Dan laughs at me when I say things like "Well, he seems like a nice guy", because apparently being a nice guy does not always make you a good coach. Go figure. But, I've decided I like Derek Dooley and here's why: 1) In his press conference he said the word "britches", specifically the phrase, "dust off your britches". What's not to love about a man who says "britches"?? 2) While everyone wants to talk about his legend-of-a-coach Dad, Coach Dooley made a point to mention his mom and what an influence she had on him. I mean, come on. Pure gold, I tell you.

Last, but definitely not least is the weather. The glorious 50+ temps we've been having. AND, yesterday, it stayed light until almost 5:30!!!! Do you know what this means??? The deepest, darkest days of winter have passed, and I didn't even notice! Spring is coming. I can smell it!

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