Monday, January 19, 2009

Bits & Pieces

I have so many random Drew stories, but all of them too short for their own post. Here is a little collection of the fun I've been having with him.

Modesty is the best policy:
On Thursday we went to a Mom's Club play group Open House. I'm not really sure how this is different from an actual play group, but it was at my neighbor's house, so we went. There is a woman in my Mom's Club who is European. She is also super sporty. Runs a lot, is tiny, etc., etc. I guess she is a little in love with her body, because she always wears a shirt that is just a little too short. Which is funny under normal circumstances, but in the middle of a serious cold snap, it's downright astounding. Anyway, we were all in the living room and she was crouched down helping her son with a toy. About that time, Drew was walking by and PULLED HER SHIRT DOWN!!! As if to say, "Excuse me, ma'am, but half your back and part of your crack are showing. You might want to do something about that."


Drew's words are coming along nicely (finally!). One of his new favorite phrases is "Wait a minnnnute!" Like he's in a detective movie!


I took the kids to "Pump It Up" on Friday to treat the serious case of Cabin Fever we all had. In case you don't know, Pump It Up is a big warehouse full of giant inflatables. Whoever thought of this is an absolute genius. You pay the one time cost for the inflatables, lay down some funky carpet, hire some teenagers and charge $7 a person. Voila! You're retired in Aspen. Anyway, I violated my own policy on this one. Usually before I take both kids somewhere, I do a test run with just Drew. Not this time. And to my surprise, the kids were PERFECT!! I have never, ever seen Drew have more fun in my whole life! He was not afraid of anything and climbed right to the top of a two story slide and slid down. And died laughing the whole time. It was great. Not a bad work out for me either since I had to accompany them on all their climbing expeditions. It's going on the list of things to do when we all get stir crazy!

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