Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle

By 8:30 this morning a packet of silica had been ripped open and scattered on my floor (you know the little packets that come in new purses etc., and say DO NOT EAT on them? Yeah, that silica), I had poop on my hand and didn't realize it until I wiped my nose with it!!!!!!!!! SICK! And Lyla looked like this:

Oh yeah, she was playing in the water in the sink (one of their favorite pastimes) and decided she needed a little freshening up. So she dumped water on her head, rubbed in some hand lotion and brushed it all up with a bottle brush. Awesome.

I still don't know whether any of the aforementioned silica was ingested, either by the kids or the dog (who by the way has decided he prefers the inside now). It took four dish cloths to mop up the water in my kitchen. And for some reason the kids just could not grasp the historical significance of the inauguration!! What gives??

We have had some crazy days of late, and I am now trying a new approach. It's a tried an true mom method called "Pick Your Battles". My son is busy and curious and into everything. And by everything I mean all things adult, definitely not the 1.5 billion toys in his playroom. It is exhausting for both of us to battle all day long. So, unless it is a matter of life and death (i.e. silica packet) then I'm just letting him go for it.

So if you'll excuse me, I need to sweep for the 21st time today and let the dog out. He's a little queasy from all the muffins and crackers Lyla fed him.

*BTW-I edited a few of the posts below including adding pics to the Dominican post.

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JenP said...

Oh Kelly...I am sorry that I laughed out loud, but again...sanity comes with laughter.