Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!

It snowed today! Not a ton, but some, and the weather people were quite ominous in their suggestions to avoid driving. Every school in the mid-state was closed today with the exception of Uncle Jon's school!! Poor Uncle Jon. He never gets a snow day. I think all the kids at his school can afford snowmobiles, so like the post office, school must go on.

I was a tad nervous about being homebound with the toddlers two today. So, I threw a snow day party!! We made snow flake shaped cookies, drank hot chocolate, ate popcorn, pulled out the sofa bed and watched "Horton Hears a Who". Turns out it was a total blast!! Granted, I'm still waiting for some serious puke considering the large amounts of cookie dough that Lyla ate, but so far so good.

I tried really hard to get the perfect snow day pics, but my little subjects were not in a particularly photogenic mood. Oh well. Just close your eyes and imagine a kitchen floor covered with flour and smooshed cookie dough; two toddlers with faces covered in sticky chocolate; a bunch of lying around on a bed surrounded by cookie crumbs and popcorn. Doesn't that sound great?? Now, who's coming over to help me clean it up???

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