Monday, January 19, 2009


Finally. Not so fresh off our whirlwind, kamikaze trip to the Dominican, I'm finally getting a minute to sit down and fill you in. Before you ask, yes, we do have pictures. Approximately six. Because frankly, we were so lazy for 5 days we couldn't even be bothered to take any pictures! Said pictures will not be showing up on here for a while because the camera is in the bedroom with my son who is napping. It is definitely not worth it to risk waking him up!

We had a great time on our trip. I will not lie-I was completely panic stricken over the flying part. I just couldn't deal with the fact that if the plane went down, well, there went Drew's whole family!! But, I composed myself really well. No public spectacles or anything. Although, when we landed in K-town, I was SERIOUSLY tempted to kiss the ground.

The long and short of it is we pretty much laid like jellyfish the entire time we were there. We laid at the beach, we laid (sort of) in chairs on our balcony, and we laid in our beds. All of this lying around was punctuated only by our meals. It was wonderful. You don't realize just how exhausted you are until you stop for a minute and lie still. And then you realize you are at serious risk of not getting up!

You might think we were bored with all this lying around. Not me. I read two books and started on Daniel's! (It was handy that the first nineteen chapters came detached from his book. We could both read it at the same time!) We also did a lot of people watching. And, if you know me at all, you know I did a lot of eavesdropping! I love to catch snippets of people's conversations and make up stories about them in my head. Yes, I am that sad.

There were also some rather hilarious sights to take in. Take for example the morning water aerobics class in the ocean. This resort strikes a really great balance between offering activities, but not hounding you to death to participate. The "Star Friends" -that's what they're called, I kid you not-walk around with big Disney World smiles on their faces all day long inviting people to join in the "fun". Which brings us back to the water aerobics. Imagine with me, if you will, around 35 people who have been drinking free drinks all morning, heading to the ocean for some water aerobics. It was fantastic. No doubt most of these people have NEVER done aerobics in their lives, much less water aerobics. What is it about vacation (or rather "holiday" seeing as how almost everyone there was European) that made that giant guy decide to do water aerobics?? I will never know, but I thank you giant fat man for having the audacity to try. At least I didn't laugh in his face.

If water aerobics are not for you, never fear! Because the "Star Friends" will gladly lead you in some lively step aerobics pool side. At face value I have no problem with step aerobics. In fact, I love step aerobics even though they carry kind of an 80's stigma. However, the participants in these particular aerobic sessions were doing step in their BATHING SUITS. I'm just saying. Even if I were some teeny little hottie McSpice girl, I would not, under any circumstances do step aerobics in my BATHING SUIT. And I'll let you guess how many of these ladies were teeny little hottie McSpice girls. Approximately one. As for the rest, they should be required by law to wear some serious undergarments.

So see? Plenty to see. And I even ate some pineapple without getting sick! Woo-hoo! Oh, and we tried some real live sugar cane-this is the crop the Dominican is known for. I guess it stands to reason that I would love the place-they make sugar!!

Drew had his own little vacay while we were gone! Between Weston's play room and getting to have his paci non-stop he was in hog heaven. Aunt Kristin and Grammy loved on him so much (and Poppy!) that he didn't even want to leave!! He is still telling me about all the things they did together. (Thanks guys!!)

Dan and I had been in the foxhole for a long time. It was nice to get out for at least a minute. As we left D.R. I had on my flip flops and when we touched down in Charlotte I had to put my Uggs back on. One season's staple swapped for another. We went and found summer, got filled up with sun, and are hoping it will last us until spring!

EDITED TO ADD: Here are some pics finally! They don't really do it justice, but you'll get the main idea!

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