Friday, January 23, 2009

A Raffle You Should Enter

In a crazy twist, we currently have three friends adopting from Ethiopia! All friends in Nashville! Weird, huh?

Anyway, right now Josh and Laura Kelley are in the full fundraising mode of their adoption (having just completed their first home-study) and they are having an awesome raffle. If the name "Josh Kelley" sounds familiar, it is because it is close to "Jon Kelley" who is my brother-in-law and Lyla's dad! Josh is his brother and his wife Laura is my friend. (I mean, I'm sure Josh and I would be friends too if we spend time together, but he's usually at work during play group!). Not only is Laura an awesome mom, she is also a super talented artist. You need to run, not walk, over to her She has awesome artwork for sale as well as the cutest little kid clothes you ever did see. The raffle is for a cabin in the Smokies and tickets are only $25 (and there are enough of us in our family, that if we each bought a ticket, we'd almost be guaranteed a free weekend in a cabin! Ha! On that note, maybe we should all start buying lottery tickets...)

So, check it out and help them bring their next child home!

And, while your at it, you can check out my friend Tracy's blog: She is one of my other friends who is also adopting from Ethiopia.

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