Thursday, January 1, 2009

So long, Santa!

My son is in mourning. Poor Drew has the post-Christmas blues. I can only imagine how confusing all of this is for him. For weeks now his insane mother has made the biggest deal ever out of Baby Jesus, and Santa and Christmas lights. He joined in, loving every moment. And, now, just like that, it's all going away.

Down the street from us was a lovely, giant, blow-up Santa. As an added bonus, there was also a lovely, giant, blow-up Tigger wearing a Santa hat. Drew is all about a routine, and so EVERY time we got ready to go anywhere he would ask the same question, "Big Ho-Ho and Tigger up?" He wanted to know if they were standing at attention, ready to be waved at as we drove by. And, every time we turned into the neighborhood on the way home, he would ask again, "Big Ho-Ho and Tigger up?" Then he would say, "Wait see" as we topped the hill. It never got old. Well, at least to him.

We also had a ritual at the grocery store. In the store there was a big, mechanical Santa who sat up on a display of cases of Cokes and waved his arm. Across the aisle was a lovely, giant blow-up Santa in a helicopter. Every time we went to the store (which was A LOT!) We went to see the Santas and paid our respects.

Imagine the sadness when yesterday Drew discovered that Big Ho-Ho & Tigger AND the grocery store Santa had been put away for the season. You could see the betrayal on his face. How could I let him fall in love only for it all to go away?? He has no idea that Christmas comes around every year. I keep telling him "You'll have to wait until next Christmas", which for all he knows could be coming around next weekend (can I get an "Amen!" that it's not???)

I haven't had the heart to tell him we have to stop singing his seasonal favorite "Jingle Bells" or that we should probably stop watching "Polar Express". All the Santas might be gone, but I just can't take away "Jingle Bells". So, if you see us around town in the springtime, don't be alarmed if we're still singing it. And if Drew asks you about Big Ho-Ho, do me a favor and tell him he's in the attic.

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