Monday, January 19, 2009


We've had another first in Drew's life! Last night was Drew's first time bowling!! What? Why on earth would we take him bowling? Well, it wasn't really my intention. Our community group (aka small group) at church meets each Sunday night, with the third Sunday of each month being a social week when all the kids come. This week was bowling. Initially we planned on going and leaving Drew with Mick (who is now our regular babysitter and Drew's BFF) However, Mick and Lindsey were in Chi-town celebrating Christmas with her family. So, I dragged Drew along and figured I'd at least get to visit for a little while.

Well, one look at the other kids in their bowling shoes and racks full of giant balls, and Drew was ready to play. It was utterly hilarious. First they had the gutter guards up. Then they have these rack things that little kids can put their balls on and then just push them down the ramp. Drew was pretty sure he was the best bowler ever-I didn't tell him he came in last place.

The long wait between turns was somewhat problematic until I got him an Icee! Then it was a tough call-bowling or Icee? bowling or Icee? When he finally started spinning around and around making himself dizzy, I realized that he was sugar drunk. Which, I mean, don't most bowlers drink while they bowl??

It was quite traumatic when it was time to leave. He was moaning, "Stay here, more bowling" while his mouth and tongue were bright red. And he was highly insulted that he had to have his jacket on. Even with the exit drama, it was great! Another one of those great moments that just sneaks up on you.

EDITED TO ADD: I can't believe I forgot to tell you about the dancing!! There was some serious hip hop music bumping in the bowling alley, and Drew was LOVING it. He danced his little booty off! Kid's got rhythm!

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