Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heaven Only Knows

Last night at bedtime Drew and I were having our usual time in the rocker singing and talking. I had just been talking with him about God, Jesus and the Bible, and wondering, as always, if he really understood or cared! Here is the conversation that ensued:

Drew: Jesus at home?

Me: Yep. Jesus lives in a place called Heaven. With God.

Drew: And Zacchaeus?

Me: (snorting) Yes, and probably Zacchaeus.

Drew: Play? (Which I think meant "Are they playing?')

Me: I'll bet they do play. What do you think they play? Baseball, Football, Golf...?

Drew: Yeah, balf (golf)! [Then makes motion for swinging the golf club]

Me: I'll bet they're having fun, huh? What do you think they like to eat?

Drew: (emphatically, complete with hand motions) FETTUCINE!

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