Friday, August 14, 2009

Crafty update

I mentioned that Drew and I have been working on a project that I found over at the Crafty Crow. It has taken us a while to complete the project, mostly due to the fact that Drew doesn't like to get glue on his hands. Obviously, no one has explained to him how fun it is to peel dried glue off your hands. I know I wasn't the only one who used to put glue on my hands just for the fun of peeling it off...right?!

Anyway, we finally finished it up today.

I think Drew had serious doubts that gluing tissue paper to a balloon was going to result in a bird. But, when we added the eyes, the beak, and the feathers he could finally see it. He hugged it!! In all its' gluey glory, he hugged it! After the bird dried, he played with it a ton. The great thing is, there is so much glue on the thing, he can bat it around like a regular balloon.

Next up is making the nest. It involves another boat load of glue. So, be looking for the nest in about a month. Since it will take that long to convince Drew that glue will wash off.

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