Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday-Fast Food Drink Holders

I'm trying to get back on track! Here is some tip fun from me. And, if you just can't get enough, head over to We Are That Family for more!

My son is addicted to painting. If you asked him at any point in the day what he would like to do, he will, without pause, say "Paint". He has ripped through more paper than is appropriate and insists that everything "hang up with a magnet". As always, I'm looking for ways to grab a few minutes for what we like to call "mommy jobs" and painting gives me that time. IF and only IF the paint and brush water are safe from spillage. Otherwise, we're just creating more "mommy jobs" and that just defeats the purpose, doesn't it??

So, this is my newest system:

I just use a fast food drink holder to put each cup of paint and water cup in. I also put a sponge in the middle for "dabbing" - a trick we learned at the art museum. He doesn't really dab appropriately at this point in his life, but I'm sure someday it will all come together for him.

The only drawback to this system is he can only use three colors at a time. Usually this is enough for him. Since he seems to concentrate in one particular spot on the paper (sometimes until there is a hole!) he's not overly concerned about multiple colors.

I have used this same cup holder for approximately 5 painting sessions and it is holding up great. And, really, I eat enough biscuits that I could get a new one every week!


{ L } said...

sooo perfect!!! LOVE THIS!! Thank you for the idea.

The Activity Mom said...

Great idea!

Lynn said...

What a super idea for your budding artist!