Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So very cultured...

So, yesterday was the art museum and today was a music class. I mean, it's only mere seconds before we are drinking our icees with our pinkies raised!

I belong to a Mom's Club here (no laughing) and I'm kind of a cruddy member. It's just that I tend to forget events or have something else planned for the days they do things. Or it could be because my son goes into hibernation any time we are around strangers and it's just easier to play with people we already know. But, one of the co-presidents is my new neighbor, and she's fun and her kids are fun. I'm trying to make an effort. Ha! Today they had slated a free (don't think that didn't grab my attention!) music class for moms and their kids. In the spirit of togetherness, Drew and I went.

I think it was probably about a year ago that I took Drew and Lyla to a mommy and me music class. It was really fun. I sort of felt like since Drew was older he would like it even more. Can I just tell you that he sat in a chair in the corner for around the first half of the class??? Well, only during the times we were supposed to be standing. Otherwise, he was sitting on my ever-shrinking lap with his head buried in my shirt. The only thing that makes me feel more self-conscious than hopping around in a kids' music class, is doing so without my kid!! Oh, and um, you can be sure there was no hopping from me! Seriously, I get a contraction just going from sitting to standing. Had I been hopping and waving scarves around, we might have had a baby today!!

When the instruments came out, Drew was like a new man. Kid loves some musical instruments. He has a little bit of rhythm, too. We won't mention who he definitely does not get this from...let's just say white boys can't dance!! After breaking the ice with the instruments, he was a little more inclined to dance and act silly. Well, silly might be a stretch, but he did loosen up a tiny bit. It was a good reminder of why I don't pay for these sort of classes for him.

We followed up our culturally enriching morning with lunch at Target. Because you don't get much more high class than Target.

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jon. said...

definitely agree about terget. and maybe we should keep the hopping and waving of scarves in the back of our minds, you know, just in case. :)