Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rookie Mistake

There are certain mom rules that exist in the universe. They are not written down anywhere, and even if they were, motherhood is not a test you can prepare for. (A friend and I were just discussing this today. And trust me, if any two people could be totally prepared for motherhood, we would be!)

One of the biggest rules of mommy-dom goes something like this: Never, ever, ever, EVER brag about how well something is going in the life of your child. I used to think this rule only counted if you said something out loud. No. Oh no. You can just have a fleeting thought about how well something is going and that particular thing is certain to hop right off the tracks.

I have now been a mom for 2 years and 8 months. You would think I would be a strict follower of this rule by now. But oh no! Just yesterday, Katy and I were sitting on the couch while Drew and Lyla played outside. Every now and then we have one of those bliss moments when the kids play together without WW3 commencing and we actually get to sit and talk. We were experiencing one such moment when I had to go and open my big mouth. I said these words (and I can see all you veteran moms cringing as you read them...) "I don't really love the sand box, but the kids love it and they play so well and for so long with it. I mean, Katy, we're having one of those moments. They are playing so well together and we're just sitting here..." Oh. Why??

After nap time Drew and I went out to water the vegetables and I realized that 3/4 of the sand from the sand box was now spread all over my deck. I could feel the heat rising up in my cheeks. You may not remember, but getting that sand in the box was no small feat...

"Drew," I said, trying very hard to channel the sweet voice of Michelle Duggar, "why is there sand all over the deck????" And he replied, "Because Mommy, we were making a beach!"

I think we could all use a vacation!!


jon. said...

oh man, i hope you left it for me to sweep up and back into the box. you know it was lyla that was heading up the beach project. ugh, so sorry.

Sammy said...

Kel - just a general comment.
Keep the entries coming!!
I think they are fab!!
(guess why)
Excellent writing style...