Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Flip Side

Every coin has two sides.

You might remember this post. And you may have heard me tell stories of Lyla locking me out. And Drew locking me out. Somehow, Lyla has been particularly adept at turning locks for a very long while. She has fantastic fine motor skills. Those were funny and frustrating times. But Lyla has COMPLETELY redeemed herself for all time.

Over the weekend Kristin, Weston, Wade, and Grammy came down for a visit while Uncle Travis worked. It was a great time. Saturday morning we headed out to a Splashground/Park and had a great time. But as is usually the case, lots of water, sun and running makes for three very tired toddlers, cranky babies, three mommies trying to hold it together and one wiped out Grammy. You know, just to set the scene. We were one misstep away from a complete revolt.

Enter big, fat, preggo with mush for brains. (That would be me...) Uncle Jon and Big Dan left the park to head out for a golf game-in my car, which houses the garage door opener, with my keys, which includes my house keys. Do you see the breakdown here? We have two cars full of tired, hot people and I have no way to get into my house!!!! For pity's sake.

At this point we believed our only option was to drive an additional 30 minutes to pick up the keys. This was not optimal, given all the various schedules we were juggling. There was a SLIGHT possibility one of the doors was open and there was a SLIGHT possibility that Katy had a key to my house on her key ring. So, we decided to chance it.

Doors unlocked? No dice. Key on Katy's key ring? Notsomuch. Of course, we do have a new mystery to solve because we tried three different, random keys. What do those keys go to?? Anyway. By this point I was sick to my stomach. Just for the record, it is NOT being a good hostess to have all of your guests locked out of the house.

Our last ditch effort was sending Lyla in through the dog door. From my previous lock-out experiences, I knew how to finagle the dog door open. And, trust me, I've tried going through it myself (not in my current state) but there is no human adult getting through there. And of the three littles, Lyla is the only one with the door locking/unlocking skillz. It was truly hilarious convincing her to crawl into my house. Katy was awesome and talked it up like the biggest, best special mission ever. Lyla peeked in, looked back at us and said, "I'm not a dog!" After much coaxing and promising of treats, she finally climbed through and UNLOCKED THE BACK DOOR!!!! You have never seen grown women act such a fool in your life. And there stood Lyla with the biggest grin ever on her face. It was one of the most fantastic things ever! Her hard work earned her pretty much anything she wanted for the rest of the night and a promise from Aunt Kel that we would go and get her fingernails painted.

The girl's got spunk. And mad fine motor skillz. I love her to bits!

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jon. said...

Yay!!! I'm so proud!