Friday, August 7, 2009

Spinnin' a Yarn

Whew. I just witnessed the most outstanding fit my son has ever thrown. Complete with an audience (Jon and Katy), high-pitched screaming, and hitting of the Mom. I was just waiting for his head to start spinning around. It was a long ride home from the East Side. His yelling and ranting was interrupted only by him taking deep breaths and asking me if I was happy. Really? You're seriously sitting back there acting possessed and you want to know if I'm happy? Oh heavens.

I'm not exactly sure what was behind this little episode. Not to be "one of those moms" but scenes like this aren't really a part of Drew's day to day. I think it is a sleep issue. He is too big for his toddler bed and woke up A LOT last night. Of course, if he didn't insist on 675 stuffed animals in his bed it would help. It's time for a big bed, with actual sheets and a comforter. Like yesterday.

So, in order to focus on something more fun about my son, I wanted to tell you about how he is currently honing his story telling skills. For a long time, Drew didn't really like to sit and read books. I was kind of sad about that, because I have always loved books (like I've mentioned a kajillion times...), but lately, he has really enjoyed sitting and listening to stories for longer periods of time. He has also started "reading" the books to us. This is super fun, because most of the time I'm suspicious about whether he's really listening or not. But, when he starts saying actual phrases from the book, I know he hasn't missed a beat.

This leads us to the new phenomenon of him making up stories to tell me. For a long time when he would start reading a book, he would start out by saying something that sounded like "Part time". I have been trying for weeks to figure out what the heck he was talking about. Yesterday, it finally dawned on me. "'Pon Time" As in, "Once upon a time..." Duh!! All of his stories currently involve the floor shaking and something crashing down. Not REAL sure what that's about!! His favorite part of storytelling is when I say, "What happened next??" He will remind me if I forget to say it.

I'm sure this is only the beginning. He comes by it honestly. He comes from a long line of guys who like to tell a good story.

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