Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Product Manual Round-up

It's hump day! Only two more days until the weekend, and around here that means it time for some tipalicious goodness! Don't forget to head on over to We Are That Family for more tips than your eyes can bear to read.

When Big Dan and I got married, we were so blessed with an abundance of shower and wedding gifts. In fact, when we arrived home from our honeymoon, our entire living room was filled with presents from the wedding for us to open. It was awesome. And, of course, among all those gifts were every kind of kitchen appliance or home electronic you can possibly think of (or could think of 8 years ago!) As you know, for each and every appliance/product there is the pesky product manual. Just as soon as you throw one out, you realize that it is kind of a big deal to keep them.

I can't take credit for this tip. I completely stole the idea from my friend Debby. Debby is a good friend of mine who lives and works overseas as a missionary. Once, while we were there for a visit, there was a malfunction with one of her appliances. The next thing I know she whips out a giant three ring binder and starts turning page protector after page protector, each filled with an individual product manual. I think in that moment I bowed down to kiss her feet. Back in the States, at that very moment, all of my product manuals were crammed in a drawer. As soon as I was home, I implemented this system.

All you need is a large 3 ring binder (or small if you don't have many products with manuals), as many sheet protectors as you have manuals, and if you're really fancy, an electronic labeler. Just slide one manual in each protector and clip the page protectors into the binder. My sister saw mine and asked if they were alphabetized. Um, no. But great idea if you have some extra time. I now have an entire binder dedicated to baby gear/kid toys.

Having these manuals easily accessible has worked in my favor so many times. And, now with craigslist and consignment sales, anytime I sell an item, I am able to hand over the manual as well. I think it sends the message that the item was well cared for...which they are, most of the time. I have also had occasion to order replacement parts. With the manual at your fingertips, it is simple to do.

Which is good. Because when your Leap Frog Fridge Farm only has a pig butt, it's not really fun for anyone.

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